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Case Studies

The  following  case studies  are from campaigns  no older than Q3 2017.  Each was run on a “Starter  Package” with an ad budget of no  more than $3,000 per month. In cases  where the ad budget was later increased,  the data cited reflects performance during the  period before the increase.

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Hospital Executives

Objective:   Deliver video  message campaign  to C-­‐Suite executives  at all U.S. hospitals   

Audience:   6,000 individual  executives

Background:   Senior-­‐level  executives of U.S.  hospitals are notoriously  inaccessible. Traditional methods  of outreach, including mail, phone  and email, are intercepted by gatekeepers  and/or ignored. Vendors are forced to rely on  trade-­‐show marketing and word-­‐of-­‐mouth. Prospecting  is nearly impossible.

Result:   Marketing campaign  delivered video messages  to 87% of the target decision-­‐makers. These executives  saw the videos an  average of 11.4 times  per month. Client now has  unprecedented access to their  target decision-­‐makers. .

Top­‐Line Responsible Executives

at B2B companies with $20M-­‐$150M  in revenue

Objective:   Lead generation  for SaaS product      

Audience:   35,655 Top-­‐Line  executives

Background:   Client offers  SaaS product designed  to drive top-­‐line revenue  for mid-­‐size B2B companies.  Targeted decision-­‐makers were senior  executives with top-­‐line revenue responsibility  (CEO, CFO, VP Sales, etc.). These executives generally   have gate-­‐keepers, making direct outreach both ineffective  and cost-­‐prohibitive.

Result:   Video messages  were viewed by 61%  of these executives in  the United States an average  of 3.3 times per month. Campaign  produced an average of 1,054 monthly  site visits from these decision-­‐makers  and an average of 21 in-­‐bound scheduled  calls per month. Client reported radical improvement  in close rates due to improved lead quality over previous  efforts.

Supply  Chain Executives  

with specific ERP  systems

Objective:   Drive sales of SaaS product  into companies utilizing a complementary  ERP

Audience: 50,000 Individual Supply  Chain Executives

Background:   Client sells a  logistics technology  that can only be effectively  utilized by companies  that use specific  ERP systems for managing  their supply chain. Identifying  these companies required identifying  which ERP system they used internally,  creating an additional research challenge.      

Result: Over 75% of the Supply Chain Executives  fitting client’s stringent parameters were  reached  online through  a targeted video  ad campaign resulting  in an average of 1,201  new site visits per month. Resulting leads were driven directly  into client’s existing conversion funnel.     

Senior  Executives

of Marketing  Agencies with 10+  Employees

Objective:   Raise awareness  of reseller program  among medium and large  ad agencies

Audience:   68,367 individual  agency executives    

Background: Senior Executives  at marketing agencies are inundated  with noise about new marketing tools.  Goal of the campaign was to market to  the marketing experts, while weeding out  the small agencies that make up the majority  of the market. Only senior executives of multi-­‐staff  agencies were to be marketed to.

Result:   Campaign reached  68% of all Senior  Executives of agencies  matching client’s size criteria.  This generated an average of 3,146  monthly site visits from the targeted   decision-­‐makers, yielding an average of  56 inbound calls per month from new agency  prospects. Client repeatedly paused the campaign  because lead-­‐volume exceeded their internal sales  capacity.

Owners and GMs  

of all New  Car Dealership  Franchises in U.S.

Objective:   Drive lead generation  for new category of car  dealer equipment

Audience:   22,254 individual  car dealership owners  and managers

Background:   Owners of car  dealerships are famously  reluctant to invest in new  technology. Client is a start-­‐up  that needed to reach all car dealers  quickly and efficiently but lacked the  large sales staff necessary to effectively  prospect them all.

Result:   With a single  video ad, client  reached 88% of all  owners and GMs of New  Car Dealership Franchises  in the United States. Each  of these owners and GMs saw   the ad an average of 5.7 times  per month, yielding 1,721 monthly site  visits from these decision-­‐makers and an  average of 26 inbound calls per month.

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