Using Tech for Marketing Does NOT Have to be Complicated 

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North Star HQ


Since 2011 North Star HQ has been empowering people, organizations, and leaders to be unstoppable towards achieving their business goals using technology along with traditional marketing initiatives. We do this by combining timeless marketing techniques overlaid with data to transform and supercharge the marketing ROI.

At its core, North Star HQ is a data-driven agency and is made up of dreamers, calculated risk-takers, marketers, and people who live and breathe your brand. We constantly think about how to enhance, and monetize your brand. We exist to become the finest most-respected agency in the world, and we look forward to putting our talents to use to push your organization forward.

-Katrina Padron

Lunch & Learn

A few years ago, the mere mention of the term "API" would send most marketers running to their development team. These days APIs are an accepted part of the marketing vocabulary and a sought after skill, especially amongst the growth driven crowd. But why are APIs so popular?

The answer is that knowledge of APIs provides unparalleled access to the web services you use on a daily basis. For developers, this means creating applications that seamlessly integrate with services such as Facebook.

For marketers, a basic knowledge of APIs can open doorways to growth tactics or grant access to data and insights from your online marketing campaigns. 

In this training you'll learn: 

  1. What an API is and how it’s leveraged for marketing.
  2. 3 platforms for finding marketing information about API level insights.
  3. 3 brand specific use cases for leveraging data pulled from APIs.

Lunch & Learn hosted

virtually via Zoom Conference with recording available

45 minute duration

Cost $500 up to 10 participants // Cost is waived for Colorado Based Companies


Our Work

North Star HQ

was established in 2011 and has spent the past six years providing impact driven marketing services to some of the world's largest organizations and fast growing startups. We are a team of highly experienced marketers who love finding emerging technologies that make our clients succeed.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace we reformulate outdated strategies that no longer service the overall growth of the brand and we replace that with strategies to drive brand awareness, increase traffic and fuel conversions. 

Just this year we've: 

1. Saved $0.87/ Website Click with big data and retargeting pixel on Facebook Our client was spending $0.91 per link click. This would take an interested user from Facebook and they would land on the company’s sales page for the notebook that caught their interest. With this she reached 3,692 and gained 55 people on her site for $50. Not bad, but with big data we’ve transformed her CPC, reach and web traffic. For $50, we decreased CPC from $0.91 to $0.04. As a result, reach increased from 3,692 to 9,999 and traffic went from 55 visitors to 1,355 visitors. Big success!

2. Secured 51% of Industry Engagement with data driven marketing Share of conversations is a great way to measure yourself against your competitors because it is the percentage of time that your brand shows up in online conversations. Not only does it tell you how well your marketing efforts are going over in your bubble, but it gives you a sense of how well you’re doing in the entire ecosystem of your market. Your share of conversations is your marketing footprint!

An example of measuring social conversations can be found in a case study we performed on one of our clients. Using Quintly, it had been identified that our client previously held 26% of all online conversations in their space. Not bad but the goal was to increase that to more than half of all online conversations to be about their brand. In six months we reached 51% and have held strong at or above that marker.

3. Increased Product Trial Downloads by 40% with data driven marketing Hootsuite wrote a case study about out approach and results with a product based company. Within 60 days, our client’s trial download page received 60% more engagement on social, 40% more web traffic in the Product Download page, and direct sales increases as a result of the campaign.

4. Generated $35K in eCommerce Revenue by leveraging highly targeted big data campaigns, split testing campaign event success and utilizing a conversion pixel for tracking. 

Led By:

Katrina Padron

CEO @ North Star HQ

Katrina, our CEO, will be leading the team. She's a strategist, visionary and overall a natural born marketer with a solid 13 year track record in the field of marketing and emerging technologies. 

Katrina comes from a background in both marketing and leadership roles that led to her founding of North Star HQ.  Holding a Master’s Degree in Sociology from DePaul University, Katrina is an award winning marketer with more than 13 years of industry experience. Her mission is to communicate a brand’s message in ways that people hear it. She has passionately served as a voice for technological advancement and medical support for underrepresented and underserved populations. She is an undisputed expert in leading teams and developing marketing strategies.

As an early adopter to social media marketing with several impactful, revenue driven campaigns, Katrina envisioned a modern marketing agency that transforms brands with data and API level insights.

In five years, Katrina bootstrapped a social media marketing agency from $0 to a top choice marketing agency, landed herself on national stages, shared thought leadership concepts on Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner, and wrote a sought after book, “Ideas Worth Stealing: 42 Social Media Strategies to Build a Brand, Create an Audience and Increase Sales.” Katrina loves to build brands, communicate messages and grow business success stories.  North Star HQ has grown to a team of ten with globally recognized clients.

Recently, she began sharing her personal stories to make an impact in global healthcare issues, women in leadership, and Latina Millennials in the workplace.

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